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Steinberg Law Firm Files Harmful Particulate Lawsuit Against Century Aluminum South Carolina, Inc.

November 15, 2023

Goose Creek, South Carolina – Steinberg Law Firm filed a lawsuit against Century Aluminum Company and Century Aluminum South Carolina, Inc., for allegedly emitting excessive amounts of harmful particulates into the air during the month of September 2023. The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court of South Carolina November 10, 2023 on behalf…

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Sommers Schwartz, PC Investigates Sexual Abuse Allegations Against Late Father Raymond John Pilarski

October 20, 2023

Detroit, Michigan – The law firm of Sommers Schwartz, PC, is spearheading an investigation into allegations of sexual abuse involving the late Father Raymond John Pilarski, a priest with the Saginaw and Gaylord Dioceses. These allegations have placed Father Pilarski among the names of those accused of sexual assault within the Catholic Church. Born on…

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Sommers Schwartz, PC Investigating Allegations Against Late Priest Martin Ignatius Kalahar and Providing Support for Potential Abuse Survivors

October 16, 2023

Detroit, Michigan – The law firm Sommers Schwartz, PC, is actively investigating allegations of sexual abuse against the late Reverend Martin Ignatius Kalahar, who served the Catholic Church in Michigan communities from 1916 to 1966. Father Kalahar, born on September 21, 1891, was ordained in 1916 by the Diocese of Grand Rapids. He initially served…

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Sommers Schwartz, PC Investigates Sexual Abuse Claims Against Father Gary Berthiaume

October 12, 2023

Detroit, Michigan – Sommers Schwartz, PC, is delving into the past of Father Gary Berthiaume, bringing light to allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct committed throughout his tenure in the Detroit and Cleveland Catholic Dioceses. In 1978, Berthiaume was charged and confessed to sexually abusing two minors in Detroit, Michigan, resulting in a six-month jail…

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Wirtz Law Urges Governor Gavin Newsom to Veto Umberg SB 71

October 12, 2023

Sacramento, California – Wirtz Law and consumer advocacy organizations have come forward with a strong plea to California Governor Gavin Newsom to veto SB 71 (Umberg), voicing concerns over the potential harm to moderate and low-income Californians victimized by corporate malpractices. SB 71 proposes an increase in the jurisdiction of limited civil courts from $25,000…

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Judith Susskind of Sommers Schwartz, P.C. Garners Prestigious Accolades in the 2023 Michigan Super Lawyers Selection

October 4, 2023

Detroit, Michigan – In a sphere where superiority is expected, Judith Susskind has unmistakably set herself as an exemplar of legal brilliance. Susskind not only made her debut in the exclusive “Top 10: Michigan Super Lawyers” list but also marked her third appearance in the “Top 100: Michigan Super Lawyers” and her seventh presence in…

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Sommers Schwartz Probes Allegations Against Reverend James Marron, Offering Support to Survivors

October 3, 2023

Detroit, Michigan – The law firm of Sommers Schwartz, PC is currently investigating the posthumous sexual abuse allegations surrounding Reverend James Marron, C.S.Sp., who served the Michigan community for many years and is now alleged to have been involved in acts of child sexual abuse. Born in 1927, Marron was ordained a priest of the…

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Midland Dam Flood Victims Can Seek Compensation After Sommers Schwartz Gets a Victory in the Michigan Court of Appeals

September 12, 2023

Detroit, Michigan – In 2020, Michigan’s hydropower dams, teetering on the brink due to neglect, culminated in disaster. The dam owners’ failure to maintain operating standards led to the State of Michigan’s intervention. Ignoring clear signs of the dam’s vulnerability, the state chose to keep water levels perilously high. This decision backfired spectacularly when a…

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Sommers Schwartz Secures Victory For 2010 Midland Dam Flooding Victims in Michigan Court of Appeals Which Will Allow Families and Businesses to Seek Compensation

September 11, 2023

Detroit, Michigan – A groundbreaking decision was recently handed down by the Michigan Court of Appeals regarding the tragic Midland dam flooding of 2010. Following years of negligence, the flood marked one of the darkest chapters in Michigan’s history. Sommers Schwartz, under the leadership of partner Jason J. Thompson, stood at the forefront of the…

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Steinberg Law Firm Achieves $525,000.00 Settlement for Mount Pleasant Woman Injured at Restaurant

August 21, 2023

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina – Slip and Fall cases are notoriously difficult to prove but not for Steinberg Law Firm attorneys Annie Andrews and Michael Jordan. They recently closed a $525,000.00 case for a 50-year-old South Carolina woman who slipped on a wet surface. On September 7, 2020, Steinberg Law Firm’s client was a customer in…

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